About dechlorinating shower filters

Chlorine filtering shower heads typically consist of a housing to hold the filter and the filter itself. The housings are designed with standard threads so you can simply install the filter between your shower arm and shower head. This style may be the best choice if you have a handheld shower or showerhead you don't want to replace.

Some models come with a showerhead attached and may have features like massaging action or adjustable spray patterns. You may also find "all in one" chlorine filter and showerhead combinations.

Regardless of the style, each filter is designed to remove potentially harmful chlorine from your water. Chlorine is very effective in killing harmful bacteria and is widely used to purify our water, effectively protecting us from life-threatening waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery. However, studies have shown that chlorine can trigger negative reactions in chlorine sensitive people, especially children and the elderly. It can also, among other things, cause itchy, flaky skin and irritate the eyes and lungs.

While it's commonly accepted that you can leave tap water sitting uncovered for 24 hours to let the chlorine gas escape before using it on your plants or for drinking, it's clearly not a practical way to dechlorinate the water for your shower. The obvious solution is to install a dechlorinating shower filter in each bathroom of your home that has a shower.